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Our inclusive curriculum, teaches Barbering across the full spectrum of the trade since 2006. From straight razor classes to fading, outlining, tool recognition, and the many elements exclusive to Barbering we provide comprehensive Barber training.

Since 2006,  we’ve provided this education.  Through our varied programming, the OBA offers Barber Certification that includes membership to the Association.

The OBA has existed since 1947 and was reinstated in 2006 by the current President and after examination over years, it was determined by the OBA that:

-the trade of Barber was removed from all legislation, by-laws, and apprenticeship opportunities in 1990.

-and that ethnic hair was not included in any curriculum.

The then Ministry of Trades, Colleges and University, systematically erased the trade of Barber, suggesting Hairstylists and Barbers are the same trade, and that all hair is also the same.

This oversight leaves a large portion of the public underserved, and the hair industry un-prepared to serve these Canadians. We offer education to serve clients that our government issued curriculum currently does not.