About us

Ontario Barber Association

The Ontario Barber Association in its latest iteration was established in 2008. It’s aims are the following:


To network with the many Barbers and Barber Shops across Ontario. Helping provide education and information to their membership as necessary and establish a body of professional Barbers that can provide a voice for the existing, current and up and coming Barbers in Ontario. We collaborate nationally and internationally with Barbers and associations across the country, the USA, and the Caribbean. These alliances help educate the association while bridging the international gap.


To see all hair types recognized through education and teaching. We aim to recognize the eclectic and diverse challenges that come with working with the unique characteristics of all different hair types.


To see Barber recognized as a trade of its own, separate from Hair Styling. To put forth legislation that will grant The Ontario Barbers Association the ability to self govern and educate, further raising our sectors standards of barbering and professionalism throughout Ontario.

Due to the advocacy of the OBA, in November 2013, The Ontario College of Trades put forward a public consultation to determine the plight of Barbers. From the consultation, the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities drew up legislation that protected Barbers who were not licensed Hair Stylists from fines and penalties until a trade was developed or April 2020—whichever came first.  The OBA has waited patiently as the Provincial Government has played around with the industry and threatened industry professionals. Barber is still not a trade in this Province. Through proactive information campaigns and initiatives the OBA has decided to proceed in ensuring Barbers are duly recognized if not by the Province, then by The People.