The Province of Ontario identified through much lobbying by the OBA that the trade of Barber is still under review. Prior, Barber was assumed to be included into the Hairstyling curriculum and said to be synonymous. After close examination of our trade over the years it was determined by the Ontario Barber Association that not only was Barber removed from all legislation, by-laws and apprenticeship opportunities but the absence of ethnic hair in the syllabus is a major oversight on the part of MTCU . 

Systematically the MTCU erased the Trade of Barber suggesting hairstylist do the same tasks. systemically the MTCU ignored how to effectively manage different hair types (people of ethnicity) through our current curriculum. While this has taken some time to change and properly implement, the OBA has been proactive. Using our own “inclusive” curriculum we have been teaching Barbering, from straight razor classes to fading, outlining, Hair Tattooing, Tool recognition and an abundance of other relevant Barber material that continues to be absent in our current sector. All of our affiliates (B.A.R.B.E.R partners) have been doing the same over the years. Thousands of participants and barbers have benefited from our programs over the years. Through our programs that the OBA offers we also provide Certification and membership. We have offered classes, memberships , and Certification since 2006. Please keep in mind that The OBA has existed since 1947 and was reinstated in 2006. Currently the Province of Ontario does not recognize Barbers or how to manage ethnic hair in any legislation since the obliteration of Barbers by the MTCU in 1990. This year the review will come to an end, this is why OBA accreditation and certification through the association and our affiliate is so important.  To inquire about membership , classes or education click here.