Systemic Barriers have existed for 2 decades & Provincial Government have chosen to ignore these issues.

Re:      Ontario Hair School standards still ignores black hair CBC news Canada (Posted July 27, 2021)

Since 2000, the Ontario Barbers Association has been advocating to have ethnic hair as well as barbering recognized in Ontario. The Provincial Government has continued to ignore our cries and request for inclusivity and diversity since then. As recent as 2019 my self (Sean Gibson) and another OBA member were fined 250k each for seminars and training we provide for our membership.  We have been working diligently with the Ontario College of Trades to help address this ongoing short coming, however its been 20 years with no outcomes or change to speak of. We continue to be targeted by the Province as ethic barbers, unable to train though our membership due to the lack of designation. However other institutions do the same without repercussion. So much damage has been experienced by those who identify as Barbers in this province without any explanation from politicians. Over the last 6 years we have reached out to all provincial bodies via emails, phone calls, social media and other advocacy mechanisms.  Nothing has been done to date,  current standards and policies are not inclusive, discriminatory, culturally insensitive , and all around lacking. This ignorance hasn’t been 4 years its been 21.


Lynda Gibson Scholarship

The Lynda Gibson scholarship is presented to an individual that embodies hard work, sacrifice, dedication and commitment to our trade. Through this scholarship all membership fees, training certification and accreditation within the Ontario Barber Association are covered. Congratulations to Tesean Boothe as the first recipient of this prestigious award.

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We offer certification and accreditation with our membership. Training, workshops and seminars are also available.  We STILL remain the ONLY registered Barber Association and exclusive Barber institution in Ontario to date. With thousands of our current members either operating their own shops in Ontario or cutting hair at Barber Shops join the movement today. Contact us through DM, email, or call about membership spots available. Few available placements are currently available at The Barber Centre.

About The Barber Centre

The Ontario barber Association represents a body of professionals and would be barbers advocating for the ideals, concerns and culture of the barbering sector in the Province of Ontario. We have been established since 1947, our membership and classification of “BARBER” is not affiliated or recognized by the Ministry. The Province of Ontario erased the trade of Barber in 1991 and have stated “There is no distinct trade of Barber in Ontario at this time”

As the OBA continue to advocate and represent our membership as industry stakeholder and leaders of our sector; we have major concerns around the influx of institutions offering “Barber” training considering the Province eradicated a scope of practice and curriculum for barbering in 1991.  What exactly are the hundreds of the barber programs actually teaching?

As we continue to strive for autonomy as a sector; its questionable if current barber academies and schools are offering Hairstyling under the guise of barbering. Without scope of practice indicators, learning outcomes,  or legislation that identifies barbers, these schools are teaching hairstyling and hairdressing and certifying hairstylist not barbers! If this is whats happening and schools & academies are actually doing this; this is false advertising and very misleading. We value everyone’s opinion and welcome dialogue, please forward comments and views to our administrator for feedback.



The Ontario Barber Association encourages Barbers throughout the province to cease and desist using Baby Powder or Talc in your Barber Shops. Throw away and do NOT use either Talc or Baby Powder on Clients from this day forward. “Inhaling talc, a naturally occurring mineral, can cause difficulty breathing, decreased lung function and pulmonary fibrosis, a scarring of the lungs”. “A number of class action lawsuits in the U.S. and Canada launched against Johnson & Johnson contend that longtime use of its talcum powder for feminine hygiene resulted in the development of the plaintiffs’ ovarian cancer. The cosmetics giant has denied its product, which has been on the market since 1894, causes the disease.

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We have recognized a demand in the industry for barber education, however, there’s no facility that has ever provided an n-depth program. We have been providing seminars, workshops, Platform Education, Salon Team sessions, fading & shaving training for decades. Our training gives students the opportunity to take part in a professionally altering experience. Not only do we address barbering techniques and styles we also delve into managing ALL hair types and various designs that current programs lack. Dry shaving, beards and moustaches, outlining, fades and fros are but a few sections that will be covered throughout our programming. Click here and procure a tailored training session for your self or your team.