General Membership is OPEN!

“We are  STILL the ONLY professional registered Barber Association in Ontario!”

Advantages of General Membership
Many ask what the advantages of an OBA membership are. We are a registered association established In 1947 and reinstated in 2006 carrying on the business of Barbering here in Ontario. Even with over 3000 members Province wide, we are still displaced and clearly disenfranchised due to the willful missclassification of our trade. 

Membership with the OBA has helped to build a growing network of professional Barbers, reach outside Ontario and across Canada & the USA to continue to foster Professional relationships with like minded associations and other professionals, Schools and institutions that are hungry for Education, knowledge and our specific skill sets taught through our tried tested and true workshop and Seminar models that has proven extremely successful throughout the years. We have offered programs in Private settings or group environments contingent on the clients needs. In collaboration over the years with the OBA, The Barber Centre and its partners have successfully put together classes in Kelowna BC, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, St.Thomas Virgin Islands, Barrie, Calgary and many other locations. Due to the lack of effective training, programming, and overall absence of Barber relevant curriculum and syllabus here in Ontario, we developed the most comprehensive hands on program in Canada. To reserve our instructors for private or groups seminars or membership please contact us directly for more information. Click here