Take Action!

Much of our position is after  almost 20 years of correspondence and communication with various levels of government. The OBA has been working diligently with the Provincial and local government since 2000. We have documented nearly 2 decades of concerns around how barbers have been treated. The system is broken and we are hoping that those in power recognize their ability to help change the conversation.

Entrenched systemic barriers upheld by the PCC denies barbers to attain accreditation. The obstacles that remain in place deny barbers, venerable youth, marginalized men/women, visible minorities, the opportunity to purse a trade and profession without  discrimination. The plethora of skill gaps and profound mishandling of our sector must be addressed. The Province eliminated African hair from the curriculum and eradicated a once thriving trade to thousands of visible minorities. The Province subsequently erased the trade of barber in 1991 and replaced it with hairstyling. When questioned and asked why African hair was no longer included in the curriculum, Ministry stated:  “standards are equally applicable to all hair types regardless of race and /or ethnic origin and that it language is neutral and inclusive of all types of hair”

-Ethnic hair is not taught or part of the curriculum in Ontario.

-Ministry erased the trade of barbering and doesn’t recognize the trade or the skills.

-Ministry also enforces and fines ethnic barbers around teaching their craft

Venerable youth, marginalized men/women, visible minorities, are all disenfranchised  and denied acess to our industry and trade due to these continued barriers and skills gaps including the discrimination.