General Membership Level

Advantages of General Membership

We would like to offer general membership to the Barber Community In Ontario at large. This general membership is not OBA certification, accreditation or classification directly. This general membership is a general overall OBA Membership allowing you acess to our association. We are exclusively promoting and advocating for the advancement and growth of our Barber Trade. This advocacy and  membership is not to be confused with or mistaken for anything other than Barbering.

-Find out what Barbers in the Province have been up to, via newsletters and correspondence with the OBA
-Being able to acess and network with barbers around the Province and world
-Receive advice, feedback and priceless knowledge from our members and many subject matter experts
-OBA identification General Membership Card
-Card allows you discounts and deals at certain stores and suppliers

Level Price  
OBA General Membership $50.00 now. Select

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