PETITION TO the MLTSD & Ontario Government

WHEREAS; There is no distinct trade of Barber in Ontario at this time. Currently we are looking to bring awareness and attention to the lack of barber training and the scope of practice for barber, both of which have been absent since 1991. We can support more youths to enter the skilled trades and overall address the stigma associated with pursuing an apprenticeship and/or a career in the barber sector. Seeing all hair types recognised through education and teaching is also important. We aim to recognise the eclectic and diverse challenges that come with working with the unique characteristics of all different hair types.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, HEREBY PETITION the Minister of Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development & Ontario Government to: Recognize barbering separate from hairstyling while assuring current curriculum is diverse, inclusive and reflective of all Ontarian’s.

CALL UPON THE Minister of Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development & the Ontario Government to:

  1. To see legislation that acknowledges the evolution of the hairstylist trade which encompasses specialisation in ethnic specific services (black Hair), and recognises all aspects of male hair cutting, such as the trimming of facial hair and shaving within the scope of practice of barber (exclusively)
  2. Recognising barbering separate from hairstyling.
  3. Having a scope of practice specific for barbering.
  4. Establishing “outcomes” inherent and specific towards the barbering sector.