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Barbering has come full circle, fortunately for us we are the Only facility Ontario wide that specialize in Barbering.  Our programs and curriculum were developed from the ground up through The Barber Centre (One of several facilities in Ontario specializing in Barber education through the OBA). Due to the high demand we have a waiting list for anyone interested in our program.  Hundreds of cosmetology/Hairstyling programs in Ontario suggest they offer “Barbering”. This is FALSE! The MTCU and the Province dose not recognize Barbering as a trade and has no curriculum to support the Industry. MTCU ONLY recognizes Hairstyling and cosmetology, misleading many by suggesting they offer Barbering relevant programing. The OBA is the ONLY association in Ontario offering relevant Barber training with a thorough syllabus created by the OBA and administered since 2004. We address ALL hair types in our curriculum, shaving, fading, Locks and lock technicians, barbering tools and the plethora of Barber relevant content that comes with our programs. Established in 1946 the OBA has resurrected our membership and now are represented throughout the Province, representing our brand and training the next generation of barbers to remain inclusive and skilled is our mandate. If you would like to join us, click here.