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Ontario barbers forced to learn women’s styling techniques

Barbers in Ontario are facing the prospect of being forced back to school to learn how to do things like highlights and perms, some of them after decades of experience cutting men’s hair….Read More

As it happens CBC – On Barber

Frank Olsynko has been a barber for 45 years. And like his father before him, he cuts men’s hair, and shaves men’s faces. But now Mr. Olysnko will have to learn to do the same for women too….Audio Link

Urban Barber Sean Gibson

Sean Gibson demonstrates the techniques used in an urban barber shop….YouTube Link

They’re not comfortable cutting African hair

All Sean Gibson wants is to walk into a barber shop and find that the barber knows how to cut his hair…..Read More

Councillor Josh Colle wants to scrap a bylaw requiring barbers to hold a provincial hairstylist certificate

Toronto Councillor Josh Colle thinks a city bylaw, which requires barbers to have a provincial hairstylist certificate, should be trimmed back……Read More

Barber cut off from setting up shop in Dryden

A local barber whose business proposal didn’t make the cut with the City of Dryden is shearing in Sioux Lookout.

Kyle Szachury feels abandoned by the city after he trained with the Ontario Barber’s Association to open a barbershop in Dryden and was denied a business license…….Read More