Sean Gibson

Sean Gibson remains a trail blazer for a new generation of Barbering here in Ontario and soon to be Canada. It’s because of his tireless work as the OBA President Barbers in Ontario are able to work and now will experience a renaissance  of the trade  in 2016.  As the Program Director of the Barber Centre along with this duties as President of the association, Gibson has changed the way Barbering is viewed on this side of the border.  Sean  has hosted and continues to conduct seminars locally and internationally.  His charismatic, gregarious  and humble teaching style puts the skilled professional or the nervous novice at ease.  With a membership of 900 plus to date, many can contest to how well Mr. Gibson disseminates his syllabus to students and seminar participants.


Private and group seminars have been hosted throughout Ontario from 2011 to present and most recently in Kelowna BC in 2014.
In 2010, seminars and programs were hosted in Trinidad & Tobago
In 2009, awarded 1st place in St. Thomas Virgin Islands Barber Competition
Platform Artist in St. Thomas and instructed Barber Class, 2009
Hosted Canada’s First Barber Trade Show 2009
Worked through the OBA at TIFF as Event Barber Stylist 2008
Established Barber Classes in the Hamilton Halton area working with CO-OP programs since 2006
Established The Barber Centre since 1994