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“We are the ONLY professional registered Barber Association in Ontario!”


Since 2005 we had been searching for a body of Professional Barbers in the Province of Ontario. Unable to find such a governing body we resurrected The Ontario Barber Association.

The Ontario Barber Association has been established since 1946, and was reinstated in 2006. The Association was restored out of necessity and continues to flourish because of the demand. We can only hope that these efforts will continue to yield promising outcomes for Barbers here in Ontario.

With our current barber membership reaching critical mass we have CLOSED our membership to focus on all of our current members. So we can assure OBA members become registered members of the College through the transition Please send an email through our email contact section (titled Contact The Barber Centre) with your  Name; Certificate Number: and the date your certificate was issued. In doing so we can assure your information is current and your contacted when the legislation changes. Finally this is the last leg of a long arduous journey, were happy to have you all a part of this process.  God Bless

Thank You