What is B.A.R.B.E.R?

We have galvanized a group of likeminded professional barbers dedicated and harmonized around elevating the Barber Industry here in Ontario. We are currently using a process and system that’s been implemented and proven since 2006. B.A.R.B.E.R stands for (Barber Affiliate Recognizing Barber Education Regionally.) The DEMAND for barber education has spiked over the last year and a half, quality barber education is extremely scarce and The Barber Centre is unable to keep up with the demand.  Aligning with these Barber Juggernauts over the last 3 years has allowed us to grow our already successful program and offer it throughout the GTA.

If it’s your intention to partake in our program and you would like to work with one of our teams closest to you please send us an email correspondence and we can have you registered within a week’s time. The various locations and names of our B.A.R.B.E.R Partners are in the links below, however registration and membership is done through this forum/email contact sheet. God Bless and looking forward to working with you. Welcome to the Evolution of Barbering


All My Sons (B.A.R.B.E.R Partner)

In an effort to make their Barber experience as unique and memorable as their clientele All My Sons has made it their mission to strive for excellence. This successful business has consistently provided the latest styles and ideas, kept up with the current trends and constantly educating themselves about the best practices as well as current industry standards. It’s no surprise that All My Son’s has taken such a progressive step in officially becoming an educational facilitator with the OBA. “Helping disseminate and educate up and coming professional Barbers here in Ontario has been one of our goals for years.” Supporting Barbers in their aspirations to becoming professionals in the sector is part of their mandate, maintaining the highest standard of professionalism will continue to be their mantra. Visit All My Sons Hair Art


Smart Choice Hair Care (B.A.R.B.E.R Partner)

Licensed Hairstylist with over 20 years of experience, Barbara has been working with our team since 2014. She has worked at some of Toronto’s Top Salons. She’s had10 years as an amazing instructor, taught at 4 private career colleges, and is in good standing with Ontario College of Trades (OCT). It’s a blessing to have her sage leadership on board. With her in-depth knowledge of the Hairstyling sector she has proven invaluable as an educator and executive when dealing with matters of Barber Education and certification of Barbers. Visit SCHC


Current Job Opportunity

Will train full time and Part time Professional Barbers at Murphy’s.  Ask for Sean at 1-905-320-1042, OBA certification is available,  Also space is available for Professional Barbers .

Onyx Barbers (B.A.R.B.E.R Partner)

Onyx Barbers has been providing professional barbering & hair care services to customers in the Greater Toronto for over 14 years. It’s with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge as industry leaders they have decided to invest in our sector through education. Aligning with the OBA and their training syllabus allows Onyx Barbers to reach a larger audience and enables us to spread our Barber Brand to all Ontarians. We pride ourselves in placing quality haircuts and exceptional customer service at the cornerstone of our barbershop. Being able to duplicate an educational component which compliments an already proven process, is a match made in heaven. Visit Onyx Barbers


We Also Have Shaving Seminars

We have worked diligently with HWDSB through their co-op programs as well as programs in collaboration with Delta High School ,Mohawk College, and many other local High Schools over the years all in preparation to effectively become proficient barber instructors.  We not only teach barbering but also provide Straight Razor specific seminars that help properly educate the lost Art of Shaving.

Crown Shaving Products

Incredible products made in our back yard, it’s a pleasure having you as an affiliate for 2016-2017Dino!

Quote: “The first thing you will notice when looking at Crown Shaving Co. products is their masculine appeal. The two barber poles branded on every label instantly let you know that this is a product made for men. Crown Shaving Co. products are enriched with botanical ingredients, artificial colorant free, paraben free and sulfate free. Made and packaged in Toronto Canada”-Dino Caracciolo Visit Crown Shaving Co.


Education (1-888-252-4548)

We have offered programs in Private settings or group environments contingent on the client’s needs. In collaboration over the years with the OBA, The Barber Centre has successfully put together classes in Kelowna BC, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, St.Thomas Virgin Islands, Barrie, and many others. We have developed the most comprehensive hands on program in Canada through the Barber Centre. To reserve our instructors for private or group seminars please contact us directly for more information.

Barbers Being Educated

We train and guide individuals passionate and curious about barbering unable to find classes through traditional means. Being United with our membership through our programs, workshops and seminars  continues to give us the foundation necessary to remain united as professionals in turn securing a place for us in the sector as Barbers.

Accreditation & Certification

Through our programs that the Barber Centre offers we also provide Certification and membership through the Ontario Barber Association, membership has its advantages! Register and sign up today-
Sean Gibson barber instructor

Industry Has Changed

The industry has changed, have your skills? Register today


With barbers and stylist who have enrolled and are registered with our association we’ve been able to cultivate and build our numbers and standards in a sector that has no place for Professional Barbers.  With our membership and our programs, workshops with High Schools, Colleges, Private institutions and other agencies and associations we continue to provide the foundation necessary to remain united as professional Barbers.

Spider Chairs

Spider Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company specializing in uniquely designed high quality barber chairs. Our original designs, patented hydraulic base and headrest were developed and designed by them. They pride themselves on the complete manufacturing of our entire product line. They use top quality materials and offer an extensive array of colors and designs. All our products are manufactured on site in Ontario. They offer three types of hydraulic bases as well as an electrical base for their barber chairs. It’s an honor to have Spider Chairs as one of our Affiliates for 2016-2017 year.Visit Spider Mfg. Ltd.