What Has The OBA Done?

OBA since 1946..

The OBA single handedly is responsible for the Barber culture in Ontario today. The OBA worked diligently since 2000 to secure autonomy for Barbers. Our members benefit from all the work we have done, as it currently stands there is a moratorium on the trade until later this year. This was legislation put in place directly through our advocacy back in 2013. Our Bill PR44 put through in 2011. Our formal presentation to City of Toronto June 28, 2012 meeting with the Licensing and Standards Committee RE: Ontario Barber Association. With all our work to secure our trade and have ALL Hair types recognized through inclusive and Diverse curriculum its troubling that thousands still remain missclassified as stylist and hairdressers. Unfortunately, would be Barbers are being mislead to believe their cosmetology programs provide Barber content and standardized Barber training. The OBA dose not use chemicals nor do we engage in any Hairstylist, cosmetology or Hairdressing content. As we continue to grow our Industry has done the same. We encourage Barbers and those looking to get into the trade be careful who you aligning with. Do your research and understand the sector before you get involved with any program. Our membership is currently Open, click here to sign up.


The Ontario Barber Association encourages Barbers throughout the province to cease and desist using Baby Powder or Talc in your Barber Shops. Throw away and do NOT use either Talc or Baby Powder on Clients from this day forward.  “Inhaling talc, a naturally occurring mineral, can cause difficulty breathing, decreased lung function and pulmonary fibrosis, a scarring of the lungs”. “A number of class action lawsuits in the U.S. and Canada launched against Johnson & Johnson contend that longtime use of its talcum powder for feminine hygiene resulted in the development of the plaintiffs’ ovarian cancer. The cosmetics giant has denied its product, which has been on the market since 1894, causes the disease.

Ontario's Only Accredited Barber Program

We have recognized a demand in the industry for barber education, however, there’s no facility that has ever provided an n-depth program. We have been providing seminars, workshops, Platform Education, Salon Team sessions, fading & shaving training for decades. Our training gives students the opportunity to take part in a professionally altering experience. Not only do we address barbering techniques and styles we also delve into managing ALL hair types and various designs that current programs lack. Dry shaving, beards and moustaches, outlining, fades and fros are but a few sections that will be covered throughout our programming. Click here and procure a tailored training session for your self or your team.