Evolution of a Trade

Welcome Ontario Barbers:

The Barber Centre is a land mark facility established and created for Barbers by Barbers. We pride ourselves on being the only institution in Canada providing invaluable education around Barbering. Since 1990 the trade of Barber has been systematically eradicated from the current and curriculum and by-laws here in Ontario. We have been fighting for equity and recognition for Barbers ever since. Our classes and programs have become very popular in light of The Barber Centre’s unique syllabus and creative “living workshop” model developed in collaboration with our YTEEP partners overseas.

Our directive is and still remains to spread the message that Barbers are succinctly different than stylist, possessing different skills and unique abilities serving a niche that is not effectively represented in our sector. Classes are taught all over Ontario, however we have now began providing classes out west and beyond. Through the OBA we have been fortunate to work with other like minded professionals to forge a better tomorrow and build a more inclusive Barber Industry. We encourage those interested in the trade to join the OBA and together we can all galvanise our passion and love for the trade of Barber.

Sean Gibson
President OBA

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Looking for Barber Training?

The Barber Centre began on a journey in 2000 to become effective Barber educators. We worked diligently with HWDSB through their co-op programs as well as programs in collaboration with Delta High School and Mohawk College, All in preparation to effectively become proficient barber instructors.  If you would like to partake in any of our Programs feel free to contact our team at info@ontariobarberassociation.ca and we will get you sorted out with our first available class.


We have offered programs in Private settings or group environments contingent on the client’s needs. In collaboration over the years with the OBA, The Barber Centre has successfully put together classes in Kelowna BC, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, St.Thomas Virgin Islands, Barrie, and many others. We have developed the most comprehensive hands on program in Canada through the Barber Centre. To reserve our instructors for private or group seminars please contact us directly for more information.

Barbers Being Educated

We train and guide individuals passionate and curious about barbering unable to find classes through traditional means. Being United with our membership through our programs, workshops and seminars  continues to give us the foundation necessary to remain united as professionals in turn securing a place for us in the sector as Barbers.

Accreditation & Certification

Through our programs that the Barber Centre offers we also provide Certification and membership through the Ontario Barber Association, membership has its advantages! Register and sign up today-
Register for our next class one spot still available 29th of this Month.


With barbers and stylist who have enrolled and are registered with our association we’ve been able to cultivate and build our numbers and standards in a sector that has no place for Professional Barbers.  With our membership and our programs, workshops with High Schools, Colleges, Private institutions and other agencies and associations we continue to provide the foundation necessary to remain united as professional Barbers.

Career Opportunity

Due to the current recession, many Canadians are struggling to find employment after losing jobs or having to find additional work as their jobs have been hit hard by the tough economy. More and more of our students than ever before have found the “job” they thought was waiting for them doesn’t exist.   Through our programs countless  Barbers have found jobs, started their own business and enhanced their quality of life.  We are the Barbers of Ontario and continue to help Barbers make their dreams a reality.