OBA Since 1946…

OBA since 1946..

To all Ontario Barber Association members we are excited and happy to announce effective immediately OBA membership is CLOSED! We are no longer accepting new members at this time being that our focus is now on assuring our 1600 membership can receive the necessary attention amidits the impending transition this year. Ontario Colleges of Trades has announced their new Compliance & Enforcement Policy, if you have any questions regarding how this will impact you as an OBA member feel free to call or send us an email. We have been waiting for legislation and a regulatory change to be passed, as hundreds of you continue to ask here is your answer. This regulatory change will provide the opportunity for our members, to become certified members of the College. The College’s Service Divisional Board and Hairstylist Trade Board have actively engaged with the OBA in developing this workable and flexible option that meet the needs of industry and protects the public interest, and the OBA is pleased to have been part of these developments.

Education coming to you

Over the years we have established many relationships throught Canada and the USA, this has subsequently taken us  near and far spreading Barber education. BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, are but a few locations we have worked with.  To secure our education team email us today.

Ontario Colleges of Trade

If you are not an OBA member, Please forward all your questions and concerns to the Ontario Colleges of Trades.  We are extremely  busy with this transition and hope your able to appreciate we are only  unable to  entertain our registered members.  http://www.collegeoftrades.ca/   


Current Job Opportunity

Will train full time and Part time Professional Barbers at Murphy’s.  Ask for Sean at 1-905-320-1042, OBA certification is available,  Also space is available for Professional Barbers .

OBA in Vegas

Part of our mission as an Association is to partner and align with Barber Shops and Associations locally and internationally. Since 2006 we have  travelled to hundreds of Barber Shops and associations to assure we remain current and relevant. Las Vegas was amazing and the contacts we made were invaluable.

We Also Have Shaving Seminars

We have worked diligently with HWDSB through their co-op programs as well as programs in collaboration with Delta High School ,Mohawk College, and many other local High Schools over the years all in preparation to effectively become proficient barber instructors.  We not only teach barbering but also provide Straight Razor specific seminars that help properly educate the lost Art of Shaving.

Crown Shaving Products

Incredible products made in our back yard, it’s a pleasure having you as an affiliate for 2016-2017Dino!

Quote: “The first thing you will notice when looking at Crown Shaving Co. products is their masculine appeal. The two barber poles branded on every label instantly let you know that this is a product made for men. Crown Shaving Co. products are enriched with botanical ingredients, artificial colorant free, paraben free and sulfate free. Made and packaged in Toronto Canada”-Dino Caracciolo Visit Crown Shaving Co.


Education (1-888-252-4548)

We have offered programs in Private settings or group environments contingent on the client’s needs. In collaboration over the years with the OBA, The Barber Centre has successfully put together classes in Kelowna BC, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, St.Thomas Virgin Islands, Barrie, and many others. We have developed the most comprehensive hands on program in Canada through the Barber Centre. To reserve our instructors for private or group seminars please contact us directly for more information.

Barbers Being Educated

We train and guide individuals passionate and curious about barbering unable to find classes through traditional means. Being United with our membership through our programs, workshops and seminars  continues to give us the foundation necessary to remain united as professionals in turn securing a place for us in the sector as Barbers.

Accreditation & Certification

Through our programs that the Barber Centre offers we also provide Certification and membership through the Ontario Barber Association, membership has its advantages! Register and sign up today-
Sean Gibson barber instructor

Industry Has Changed

The industry has changed, have your skills? Register today


With barbers and stylist who have enrolled and are registered with our association we’ve been able to cultivate and build our numbers and standards in a sector that has no place for Professional Barbers.  With our membership and our programs, workshops with High Schools, Colleges, Private institutions and other agencies and associations we continue to provide the foundation necessary to remain united as professional Barbers.

Spider Chairs

Spider Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company specializing in uniquely designed high quality barber chairs. Our original designs, patented hydraulic base and headrest were developed and designed by them. They pride themselves on the complete manufacturing of our entire product line. They use top quality materials and offer an extensive array of colors and designs. All our products are manufactured on site in Ontario. They offer three types of hydraulic bases as well as an electrical base for their barber chairs. It’s an honor to have Spider Chairs as one of our Affiliates for 2016-2017 year.Visit Spider Mfg. Ltd.